Boss 1 Pumbo, The smelly boar. Watch out for his headbutt and his stomp.
Boss 2 Goulem, Rock’n’Roll. His jumps cause earthquake. Take cover !
Boss 3 Kaspar, The lightfearer. Will you be able to light those torches in time ?
Boss 4 Carnas, The plant queen. How to reach her ? Boing, boing boing !
Boss 5 Minaus, The yellow bull. He will not give you wings but a good smack on the butt.
Boss 6 The Ball, Wet & Bouncy. Even more boing, boing, boing !
Boss 7 The Eye, Soul gazer. He seems unreachable. What’s the catch ?
Boss 8 Holk, Fat Troll King. Defeat his minions to reach him.
Boss 9 Blob, The Slime King. Poison, Poison everywhere !
Boss 1 Tyrant, The Dragon Lord. Look at the size of its head. Where is the body ?
Boss 11 Djinny, The Baby Djinn. Under all those cries hides a master of magic.
Boss 12 Walleye, The Stone Heart. Wait, where is its heart again ?
Boss 13 Whisper, The Voice. What’s hiding behind this portal ?