Demo out

Hi everyone,

After some struggle with a computer crash with heavy data loss, I’ve been able to patch up the game and finally finish the graphic update for the game.

Check the download link to try the game !

The full game should be released next week to give me more time to debug it.

Thanks for your support !

Support needed for Steam Greenlight

If you’re a gamer, then you must know Steam Greenlight which allows indie developer such as myself to sell their game on the biggest gamer website if they can pass a vote.

The Greenlight account for Spooky Heroes has been launched and your vote would really help me get the game on Steam.

If you think all the work I spent on Spooky Heroes is worth something, I would really appreciate your support !

Thanks !

Version 0.10 out

Hi everybody,

I’ve been working hard on the game for the past weeks. The highlight of this new version are the new survival mode appearing in the game. This should extend the game life a little. Also, the new hero ultimate will allow the player to control any humanoid in the game ! A lot of new power to test for all of them ! Finally, the (fat) baby dragon will allow you to ride him and fly freely with a small ice ball for weapon.

I also planned all the remaining stage : 3 deserts, 1 mountain and 1 village. I expect to finish them in 1 or 2 week and will try my luck on Steam Greenlight. I hope to have your support !

The game is available on Desura with alpha funding on Windows only :

Thanks !

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Version 0.9 out

Hi all !

Been quite busy the past months, got married, new job, created another small game but having some free time now, I resumed work on Spooky Heroes.

The game is available on Desura with alpha funding on Windows only :

Here are some preview :

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Version 0.8 out

Hi all !

Eight months without news. Quite a long time for such a small project. I’ve been quite busy with work and it left me little time/motivation to work on the game. One good side of such a situation is that it gives time to think about what needs to be done in the game.

And now that I found some time to work on it, I’ve been able to finish the next version of the game. This version mainly concentrates on adding new powers to enemies as well as adding decors to the game which was too empty to my taste. I still have some work to do on the graphics to improve them a little but I think I reached the visual feeling I wanted. The game now has a Spookyedia to allow player to check all enemies and boss powers after the first encounter. I also added a small story book as an introduction. Still need to work on the text though…

The new version is only available for Windows at the moment and still uses the alpha fund system of Desura. I’ll add a free demo version next year for those of you who have not had the opportunity to try it.


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