Spooky Heroes Alpha funding on Desura

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since the last update but it doesn’t mean nothing happened.
In fact, I’ve been quite busy with the launch of Spooky Heroes on Desura ! Players will be able to purchase the alpha version of the game right now to show their support or interest and help me improve the game by giving me feedback.

I also updated the game video to make it more professional (but there’s still a lot to improve). Check the video link to see the game preview !

Support the game on Desura ! Click here !

Version 0.6 out

Hi all,

New version is available. This one focus more on the graphics and bugs than adding contents. Moreover, in this version, I decided to enable all heroes and all stages right at the start so testers can try them out and give me feedback about them since it can be quite long to unlock all of them.

If you are interested in the game or want to help a newcomer, don’t hesitate to give this version a try and give me some feedback !


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version 0.5 out

Hi all !

The new version is out !
I decided to add the powers details in the changelog to show readers that the game is a little more than a classic platform game and has many tricks to offer with each characters.

I’m still looking for testers to check out the game and give me some feedback !

And don’t hesitate to follow me on facebook or twitter of you’re interested in the game since it’ll give me more visibility !


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Battle mechanism improved

After some returns about the battle gameplay lacking interest, I decided to improve it too.

The first part concerns the basic attack combo for heroes. Before, heroes had just 2 basic hits without much impact. The update includes a 3rd hit with more power, which causes the ennemy to get knockdowned if the whole combo hit.


Another point which can annoy the player is the down time where monster and players are invulnerable until they get up. Because of how the game is made, it is quite difficult to allow the player to hit monsters laying on the ground. However, I think a compromise would be to add a finishing blow when the player is close to a laying ennemy, allowing the player to kill him in one shot. The result should improve the pace of fights and also give more credits to heroes with lots of knockdown powers (such as the knight).


The next step to increase the diversity of attacks will be to add a charged attack. By holding the basic attack button, the player charge his attack and upon release, will provoke an automatic knockdown of the ennemy (if charged enough). I’m still working the details though.