Gobelin Thief Gobelin Archer Goblins are quite weak enemies who sometimes hurt themselves.
Orc Berserk Orc Crossbow Orcs are dangerous enemies who get more powerful the less life they have.
Triton Trident Trident Spear Tritons can freely move underwater and should be avoided as much as possible during underwater stages if you don’t want to drown.
Elf Assassin Elf Ranger Elves are swift enemies able to close in faster than other and deal quick damage.
Troll Warrior Troll Shaman Trolls live in swamp and eat whatever they find, even you. They also have a passive regeneration.
Yeti Brawler Yeti Mage Yetis are dangerous enemies who can stun you with their melee attack. Keep your distance !
Human Crusader Human Zealot Humans living in the desert are fanatic and might convert their enemies by damaging them.
Fire Elemental Air Elemental Elementals are tricky enemies with a wide range of powers. Learn their weakness and exploit it !
Earth Elemental Water Elemental
Plant 1 Plant 2 Plants are common enemies in this world but quite easy to deal with. Beware their seeds and poison though !
Plant 3
Skeleton Zombie Undeads are persistent enemies who have a chance to revive after a fatal blow.