Knight The knight is a sturdy hero able to withstand damage better than others. His powers allow him to knockdown enemies to dispose of them quickly and his ultimate renders him invulnerable for a few second, making him a good choice for beginners.
Priest The priest is a support hero who can heal his team and empower it temporarily. Due to the lack of control powers, this hero is either best used by beginners who have a slow pace or by veteran players who want to support a coop game with a beginner.
Necromancer The necromancer is an intermediate hero able to inflict damage as well as stealing life. She can summon skeletons by using bones dropped by fallen enemies and her ultimate allows her to steal life from her skeleton to heal her team.
Summoner The summoner has the power to summon each of the 4 elements and empowers them. There is a limit to the maximum of summon points however and learning which summon to use in different situations will require some training.
Mage The mage controls all 4 elements and is capable of using up to 12 basic spells. Unfortunately, he did not have time to study the ultimate of each element. This hero is best used by veteran players.
Minstrel The minstrel is a ranged hero using a bow to keep enemies at bay. Though quite weak in melee, she has the ability to charm enemies making her able to control the flow quite easily. For players wanting to harass enemies from a safe distance.
Barbarian The barbarian is a hero who only uses passive powers. The more you hit, the more powerful you’ll become for a short time. His ultimate gives him a self revive once per stage making him another perfect hero for beginners or players just wanting to bash enemies without caring for cooldowns.
Ninja The ninja is an intermediate hero with a wide range of powers. His clone and invisibility powers allow him to pace battles as he wants and his ultimate “Possession” give him direct of the enemy until its death, giving him new possibilities.
Hidden hero This hero will require some exploration to unlock but her powers should definitely match the task.