Besantine Chainmail Armor Armors gives you extra life.
Chicken Drumstick Boar Chop Dragon Soup Food replenish your life when consumed.
Bomb Bombs can destroy boulders as well as damage enemies and yourself.
Rope Ropes let you escape from a stage when you are in a pinch.
Torch Torches increase your line of sight during night.
Mana Potion Mana potions instantly refresh your cooldowns.
Phoenix Feather Phoenix Feathers give you an auto revive upon fatal blow.
Water Potion Water potions give you the ability to breath under water for one stage.
Time Scroll Time Scrolls will stop day & night cycle for one stage.
Bumpshroom Dust Bumpshroom Dust will heal a sick bumpshroom allowing you to use it to jump higher.
Bone Key Bone Keys allow you to open bone gates.
Dragon Egg Dragon Eggs allow you to spawn a baby dragon when used near a dragon nest.
Poison Potion Poison potions will immune you against the swamp poisonous waters.
Revive Potion Revive potions will instantly revive a fallen hero when used near their corpse.
Lava Potion Lava potion will immune you against lava damage.
Dragon Scale Dragon Scales will repair a damaged armor if you wear one.