New game mechanisms

Hi all,

I want Spooky Heroes to be a fun game with different possibilities.There are many ways to do it and one of the thing I really enjoyed when playing other games was the possibility to control vehicles.

Luckily, there are also many ways to include vehicles in Spooky Heroes and here is one of them : the boat.


By using the interact button, players will be able to take control of the boat, which moves way faster and has a canon to blow stuff off. There’s still more thoughts to be put into this new mechanism but so far, it’s going well.

Another point that often annoys in platform games is heroes not being able to swim. If you fall in the water, you die… Really annoying when it could add more possibilities, which I try to include in Spooky Heroes. When I say that, most of you should think of Megaman or Super Mario and that’s exactly what I think too.
The main objective here will be to allow heroes to go under water but will have to comply to certain conditions which are as follow :

  1. Gravity divided by 2
  2. Movements slowed by 2
  3. Maximum staying time under water : 1 minute

With those rules, players will have a new challenge to overcome and find air pockets laying underwater ready for them to gather their breath.


Besides this new mechanism, a new building already mentioned in the tutorial (in v0.2) but not yet present has been finished. The bank will allow player to store their hard earned money and share it.


Finally, another thing included in v0.2 tutorial but not yet implemented was the torches system. Each stage will contain several torches set at regular intervals which can be lit to give light. The point being the lit state is saved even after the player leaves the stage. If he comes back later by night, he will have an easier time dealing with the stage. you can see the torch in the bank screenshot, left of the bank.

Hope you’ll enjoy this !

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