version 0.5 out

Hi all !

The new version is out !
I decided to add the powers details in the changelog to show readers that the game is a little more than a classic platform game and has many tricks to offer with each characters.

I’m still looking for testers to check out the game and give me some feedback !

And don’t hesitate to follow me on facebook or twitter of you’re interested in the game since it’ll give me more visibility !



v0.5 changelog :

1 new hero :
– Minstrel : Ranged, piercing arrow, charm arrow, stun trap, homing arrows, low life

4 new enemies :
– Triton trident : Melee, weapon throw, thrust, explosion
– Triton harpoon : Ranged, piercing throw, thrust, stun trap
– Assassin : Melee, daggers throw, thrust, stun hit, back stab
– Ranger : Ranged, piercing arrow, damage trap, stun trap

2 new bosses :
– The Eye : Avoid and use his missile against him
– The Ball : Balls bouncing everywhere ! Do not drown !

3 new stages :
– River 2 : Big and slow paced stage. Don’t forget to breath !
– Forest 2 : Use wheels and boards to climb to the top !
– Tree : Use the flyform to reach the top ! Beware spikes and fireballs !

1 new vehicle :
– Flyform : Ever wanted to fly ?

1 new mechanism :
– Wheel board : Four boards rotating around a wheel

1 new tileset :
– The tree

11 new powers :
– Weapon throw : Middle ranged attack hurting the first enemy
– Thrust : Middle ranged dash hurting all enemy touched
– Piercing throw : Long range piercing attack hurting all enemies touched
– Stun trap : Place a trap on the floor triggered when an enemy touch it. Stuns the enemy.
– Daggers throw : Double long range attack hurting the first enemy
– Stun hit : Short range attack stunning the enemy
– Back stab : Short range attack with huge damage. Only work from behind (Both characters facing the same direction)
– Piercing arrow : Long range piercing attack hurting all enemies touched
– Damage trap : Place a trap on the floor triggered when an enemy touch it. Hurts the enemy.
– Charm arrow : Long range attack which make the first enemy touched your minion
– Homing arrows : Full scale attack with high damage targeting all visible enemies

Items :
– Can now carry several items at the same time
– Items are now stackable up to 5 of each
– Lowered all items price

Bug correction :
– Corrected a bug when dying while falling, camera would not follow and revive items would bug
– Optimized images once more to improve performance

Misc :
– Can now interact with exits instead of triggering exits on touch
– Added some battle shout to enemies
– Added a few signboards to give boss strategy hint any global hints
– Quest and tutorial panels are now automatically resized to the match the text size
– Increased contrast between foreground and background in forest stages


Preview images :
Minstrel :
Triton trident :
Triton harpoon :
Assassin :
Ranger :
The Eye :
The ball :
Flyform :