Version 0.8 out

Hi all !

Eight months without news. Quite a long time for such a small project. I’ve been quite busy with work and it left me little time/motivation to work on the game. One good side of such a situation is that it gives time to think about what needs to be done in the game.

And now that I found some time to work on it, I’ve been able to finish the next version of the game. This version mainly concentrates on adding new powers to enemies as well as adding decors to the game which was too empty to my taste. I still have some work to do on the graphics to improve them a little but I think I reached the visual feeling I wanted. The game now has a Spookyedia to allow player to check all enemies and boss powers after the first encounter. I also added a small story book as an introduction. Still need to work on the text though…

The new version is only available for Windows at the moment and still uses the alpha fund system of Desura. I’ll add a free demo version next year for those of you who have not had the opportunity to try it.


Here is the changelog for version 0.8 :

Enemies reviewed :

Gobelin :
Passive : Clumsy – Sometimes hit itself with basic attacks
Power 1 : Rock Throw – Throw a rock bouncing 3 times
Power 2 : Glue Ball – Throw a ball slowing enemies
Power 3 : Boomerang – Throw a boomerang which returns to its owner after a short time
Power 4 : Smash – Heavy swing with high damage which stuns the target

Gobelin archer :
Passive : Clumsy
Power 1 : Rock Throw
Power 2 : Damage trap – Lay a trap damagin the first enemy touching it
Power 3 : Triple shot – Shoot 3 fast arrows
Power 4 : Volley – Shoot 5 arrows in the air

Orc :
Passive : Berserk – Deals 200% with basic attacks when below 30% life
Power 1 : Shield Bash – Dash with shield knocking down enemies
Power 2 : Axe Throw – Throw an axe
Power 3 : Warcry – Shout to self boost attack
Power 4 : Smash

Skeleton :
Passive : Auto revive – 25% to revive with 50% upon taking fatal damage
Power 1 : Life steal – Throw a skull damaging the target and healing the caster
Power 2 : Bonerang – Throw a bonerang which returns to its owner after a short time
Power 3 : Skull Mine – Place a skull on ground which explode when enemy touches it
Power 4 : Pain Shield – Create a shield around the caster which damages enemy when attacked with a basic attack

Triton Harpoon :
Passive : Water immune – Immune to water damage and breath undeer water
Power 1 : Weapon Throw – Throw its weapon
Power 2 : Thrust – Dash forward with a piercing thrust
Power 3 : Explosion – Unleash and explosion around the caster, knocking down enemies
Power 4 : Whirlwind – Launch a whirlwind which damage and knock up enemies

Triton Spear :
Passive : Water immune
Power 1 : Piercing Throw – Throw weapon which pierce through enemies
Power 2 : Thrust
Power 3 : Stun Trap – Place a trap which stuns the first enemy who touches it
Power 4 : Whirlwind

Ranger :
Passive: Quickness – Move faster
Power 1 : Piercing arrow – Shoot a piercing arrow
Power2 : Damage Trap
Power 3 : Stun trap
Power 4 : Volley

New enemy :

Orc Crossbow
Passive : Precision – 25% to deal 200% damage with basic attacks
Power 1 : Piercing Bolt
Power 2 : Double shot
Power 3 : Stun Trap
Power 4 : Headshot – One single shot with heavy damage

New feature :
Spookypedia : List all heroes, enemies and boss powers
Story Book : Display the story of the game

Stage update :
Maze : Added signpost to indicates the door and lever numbers to help finding the combination. Good luck ! 😀

Graphic update :
Added decor to several stages