Version 0.4 out

Yop all !

Almost 2 months without news. Quite busy lately but I’m back !

The new 0.4 version offers quite a few novelty :


2 new heroes :
– Summoner : Has8 summon points and can summon elementals. By casting the same spell, if the elemental is alive, he becomes stronger and unlock powers. The max level is 5 meaning a summoner can have 4 elementals lvl 2 or 2 elementals lvl 4 or any combination reaching an amount of 8 summon points.
– Mage : Has all elemental powers (except lvl 5 powers) and his lvl 5 power allows him to switch between elements.

2 new enemies :
– Air elemental : Zap, Slow, Speed et Storm
– Fire elemental : Fireball, Fire walk, Fire shield, Flame thrower

2 updated enemies :
– Earth elemental : Rock throw, Body slam, Body crush, Boulder crush
– Water elemental : Ice ball, Ice spikes, Ice shield, Mass heal

1 new boss :
– Minotaur : Beware his charge and axe !

1 updated boss :
– Plant Queen: Each head is now separate and has its own life.

2 new stages :
– Mountain 2 : Classic stage with new trap
– Maze : Find the good lever order to escape from the maze

1 new trap :
– Fire spitter : Throw fireballs.

2 new mechanisms :
– Pressure trap : Trigger a trap when the player steps on it.
– Falling platform : The platform falls when a player steps on it and goes back to its original position when the player leaves it.

Controls :
– The “Jump” key on the keyboard has been separated from the “Up” key to avoid control problems.
– The “Jump” key now enables all panels in game (quest, map, discussions, tutorial…).

Optimization :
– Animations have been reviewed to lighten the game size.
– Monsters are now disabled when outside of the screen for more than 5 sec, to optimize game performances.
– Summons are now teleported back to their summoner when they are out of screen for more then 5 sec.

Bug corrections :
– Quest “Rheumatisms” has been corrected (The 3 plants were at the stage entrance)

And many more stuff I forgot about !

Download the new version [URL=]by clicking here ![/URL]

Once more, stages are quite empty, I’ll fill them later. Also, more quests will be added later to extend game lifespan.

Have a nice day !