Weekly news

Hi all,

The development is going slowly but surely. Here is the weekly news !
As stated before, a new underwater mechanism was under development and a first version of it has been finished.  Players will have to pay attention to the underwater timer if they don’t want to drown. Air pockets are available at regular interval to avoid drowning. It also introduce a new enemy : the water elemental. Those amphibian beings are able to move quickly underwater and can breath underwater (hum, do elemental really breath anyway ?).


For those who dislike swimming, the boat is another way to pass the river. However, beware goblins ambush and barricades. Use the boat’s canon to blast through them !


Finally, a new tile type is under development for mountain stages. Here is a first glance at it ! Mountain are populated by orcs and other unwelcoming beings, soon to be revealed.


The next public version should be out by the end of the week !


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